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Coaching Winter Special

Are you ready to commit to your goals in the new year?


Check out my offer below and explanations on the coaching process.

PS: Wenn du weiter klickst, siehst du den Flyer noch auf Deutsch.

Coaching with me...

Do you resonate with the above? Let me share what coaching with me entails:

>We start with a discovery call to see if we vibe and discuss what you would like to work on.

>If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll have 1-2 sessions to understand your story, situation, or project.

>We’ll work together over 1-6 sessions for you to process, get new perspectives, find different options and develop an action plan for you to implement your goals.


Coaching is usually a process over 3-8 sessions. Still, even a single session can provide an outside perspective on a particular challenge, be it a project, work, or part of your private life.

Here's how I helped recently:

  • Processing a job transition and preparing for a new job.

  • Providing support for more informed decision-making on upcoming project work.

  • Assisting in processing painful experiences while setting better boundaries to build up a new way of living.


What are some of the benefits of our time together?

It’s more fun and motivating than going it alone.

You get my full attention and a second pair of ears and eyes. When was the last time you felt truly listened to?

You get with me a creativity extension – someone to think along and brainstorm with you.

We can dig deeper, letting go of emotional blockages. Emotions are stronger than thoughts.


Is that something for you?

I can’t wait to work with you.

Happy Holidays!

Denise x

PPS: Interested in putting up the flyer at your workplace? Let me know, and I’ll send you printed copies. Thanks for your support!

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