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I facilitate projects from inception to implementation, provide strategic advice and intervene during critical moments. 


I work in English and (Swiss-)German both remotely and in person. I am here to provide tailored support for a short or long period of time, implementing assignments in different fields, such as international cooperation, sustainability, social and cultural domains. I offer temporary support, covering for absent staff or parental leaves. Possible contributions:

Concept Development

Problem Solving

Report Writing & Editing

Consultancy & Coaching

Junior Professional Mentoring

Project Management 

In all my work, I prioritize understanding your needs and delivering effective, context-aware support to achieve your desired outcomes.


Examples of organizations and projects I worked for:

Mekong River Commission

Support on-site for MRC partnership work with ASEAN, ADB and other regional organizations. Communication work for MRC ministerial and council meetings. Inputs for internal Monitoring & Evaluation and coordination work for the MRC organizational reform

Flavia Fries

Qualitative and quantitative data evaluation of a survey for Zurich's pilot project focusing on centers that provide continuing education for adults with deficits mainly in reading, writing and computer skills. Writing of chapters for the final report. Advice on next steps for the ongoing pilot projects (project in German)

The Ocean Cleanup

Environmental pollution data analysis on QGIS for a doctoral project in collaboration with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, in Durban, South Africa


Fruit Advisor Group

Strategy development for the company to tap into funding for sustainability efforts in the wholesales fruit and vegetable supply sector. Concept development for branding of blueberry seco made from "wonky" blueberries. Content development for website highlighting the sustainability angle

Flavia Fries,
Project Facilitator

Denise arbeitet äusserst effizient, sauber und ergebnisorientiert. Sie hat aus einem komplexen Datenset professionell und in kürzester Zeit spannende Analysen extrahiert und wertvolle Empfehlungen abgeleitet. Ihre Texte sind präzise und klar geschrieben. Die Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation sind sehr angenehm und leicht – ich freue mich auf das nächste Mal.

Anoulak Kittikhoun,

Thanks to her excellent organisational and planning skills, Denise was able to manage complex projects in a target-oriented manner and with consistent success. She demonstrated a strong analytical and conceptual intellectual capacity, having a pronounced

ability to draw the right conclusions from existing data and facts, and implementing them in solution-oriented concepts. 

AIways supportive and ready to help, Denise contributed significantly to the harmonious working environment in the teams she was working in. Her collegiality is an expression of her tolerance and openness. We would be very happy to work with her again.

Lawrence Macari,
Owner Fruit Advisor Group

Denise is a great professional to work with, knowledgeable, creative, hard worker and very responsible.


A ten out of ten.

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