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If I were an animal, I would choose to be a bird. I would have sharp eagle-like eyes and roam from continent to continent, discovering and teaming up with various species along the way.

Hello there! I am Denise, your dedicated navigator in personal growth and sustainable project facilitation.


  • ​I grew up in Lucerne – one of the most touristic places in Switzerland

  • When I was a kid, I wanted to be a circus artist and followed the dream of becoming a dancer until my 20s

  • I am a mum to over 40 houseplants – my living room looks like a jungle


Curiosity, Creativity, Perspective, Hope, Courage, Humour


My braveness in living my unique career and becoming my own person on the way


Swimming in lakes and rivers with friends, skiing & sauna, meeting people, snorkelling & feeling part of the underground water world, travelling & exploring, and reading non-fiction books


  • My exceptional listening skills creating a space where you feel heard and valued, emphasizing a deep understanding of your needs

  • My analytical skills while at the same time being intuitive, offering you a comprehensive approach to problem-solving

  • My ability to connect the dots while keeping the big picture in sight, which helps you to make informed and strategic decisions

  • My understanding for other cultures and my global perspective gained from living in various countries, bringing you a diverse and inclusive outlook on various matters

  • My entrepreneurial mind, always seeking to evolve, to be innovative and creative, while not reinventing the wheel

  • My innate curiosity about social and cultural puzzles, sustainability and human intelligence

  • My commitment to ethics and professionalism, which includes my ongoing training and regular supervision


My life’s work has been about fostering growth – not just in myself, but in others like you. I’ve delved into environmental, cultural, and social challenges across four continents, equipping me with unparalleled creative problem-solving skills and a genuine interest in people’s stories. This global tapestry of experiences, combined with my coaching expertise, builds the foundation for my work as a coach, project facilitator and strategic consultant.

Your Growth, My Mission: As a coach, I’m your partner in unveiling and achieving your personal and professional aspirations. Think of me as your catalyst for transformation, combining compassion, excellent listening and intuition with a strategic mindset to unlock your hidden potential.

Facilitation For Impactful Projects: Bringing projects to life, especially in sustainability, culture, and social domains, is my forte. My journey from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to the Mekong River Commission has honed my skills in diplomacy, strategy, and making a real impact. When you’re at a pivotal moment, I’m there to ensure your project not only takes off but really soars.

Entrepreneurial Spirit For Dynamic Solutions: Starting my own business was not just a career move. It was a commitment to flexibility, innovation, and continuous learning – values I bring to every client and project.


Whether it is personal growth or organizational projects, my dedication is unwavering. I’m here to go the extra mile with you, for you. It’s not just about reaching goals! I’m a big fan of creating a journey as rewarding as the destination.


I was part of the NGO Asia Society Switzerland working on Asia geopolitics, cultural and social affairs.


I worked for the Mekong River Commission in Laos with people from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam on transboundary water management and governance.

I worked for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on water management, where I got trained in diplomacy and international cooperation.

I worked in Costa Rica with a local organisation in Central America, focusing on women's empowerment.

I worked for Novartis Group Global Head Environment and Energy, for the Swiss consultancy company Seecon specialised in innovative sustainable development projects, and for the Spanish engineering and consultancy company Bioazul on environmental, social and sustainability related topics.


You can find out more about my professional roles and experience over on LinkedIn.


1-Year Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) Intensive Education Course with Vivian Broughton – ongoing

Diploma in Coaching by The International Coaching and Counselling Institute (ICCI)

- Diploma in Coaching at Foundation Level (50 hours of client work)

- Diploma in Coaching at Practitioner Level (100 hours of client work) – ongoing


Swiss Federal Training in International Cooperation and Diplomacy (Concours Vollée 2016)


Master of Science in Sustainable Development


Bachelor of Arts in Social Science: Cultural Anthropology and Economics

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