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We all experience moments of feeling stuck. It is about finding that sense of alignment and joy within ourselves, something only we can truly cultivate.


I provide 1:1 coaching in English and (Swiss-)German, both online and in person.

I support you in understanding the factors that have shaped you and in discovering what you truly want in your personal and professional life. For you to create the room to live your full potential.

As a coach, it is important to me to offer a safe space in which emotions and thoughts can be freely shared. I believe coaching requires compassion, trust, the courage to open up and meet oneself and others at eye-level – along with a pinch of humor. 

Book a FREE Discovery Call and we can explore the support you need.

M.J., Berlin, Germany

Denise is an exceptionally caring and attentive coach with remarkable listening skills. Her intelligence shines through as she effortlessly navigates a diverse range of topics, from field-specific subjects to the nuances of human psychology and trauma. Her ability to understand and connect with various aspects demonstrates a genuine depth of knowledge and empathy. I felt truly understood working with Denise.

Sh.M., Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Although I try to write my goals and priorities often, I've not had this level of clarity before which I had after the session with Denise. While talking through the questions, the main aha moment for me was the realization of why I did certain things. It was eye opening on some things that I have not considered before.

I really liked the two sessions we had and would definitely approach her when I again start overthinking, or have anxiety.



We start with a free discovery call to see if we connect and discuss what you would like to work on.



If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll have 1-3 initial sessions to understand your story, situation, or project.


We’ll work together over 1-6 deeper sessions for you to process, get new perspectives, brainstorm different options and develop an ‘action plan’ for you to work towards your goals.


Coaching is usually a process over 3-8 sessions. Still, even a single session can provide an outside perspective on a particular challenge, be it a project, work, or part of your private life.


While the provided outline offers a glimpse into the process, it is essential to note that my coaching approach is not one-size-fits-all; it is individual and unique, just like each person. Your journey is distinctive, and together, we navigate it in a way that aligns with your specific needs and goals.


  • You get my full attention and a second pair of ears and eyes. When was the last time you felt truly listened to?

  • We can dig deeper, letting go of emotional blockages. Emotions are stronger than thoughts.

  • We can look at elements of your biography, making connections between the ‘here & now’ and ‘there & then’.

  • You get with me a creativity extension – someone to think along and brainstorm with you.

  • It’s more fun and motivating than going it alone

  • And remember: the biggest steps forward usually happen between sessions – aha moments, new experiences, first small successes.


In the long term, coaching comes along with:


  • Personal growth and development as you let go what no longer serves you and work more with your strengths and weaknesses towards your vision.

  • Improved communication, boundaries and leading skills – hence healthier relationships with family, friends, colleagues and romantic partners.

  • Advancement in your career as you know your aspirations and how to get there.

  • Better overall health and wellness as you follow healthier habits and lifestyles, learn to manage your emotions, capacity and healthy life goals.

Overall, coaching can be useful for anyone who wants to improve their personal or professional life and is willing to invest time and effort in making positive changes.

S.S., Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hi Denise,

Thanks a lot for the coaching session today.  It was very helpful.

Normally I would reschedule, but you have this thing that makes me comfortable.

I trust you and I think you are a great coach!

D.M., Lucerne, Switzerland

Denise is calm, thoughtful and attentive. She has a very good feeling for pain points / problems the person needs to work on.

We set clear goals and tasks for me to practice until the next session. This not only encouraged me to work on my behavior, but also helped me to analyze my behavior in daily life.

BAS01387 edited_edited_edited.jpg

I’m Denise, a certified coach with a wealth of international and sustainability experience, bringing you a holistic, nurturing pair of eyes. I’m a blend of analytical and intuitive, serious yet full of chuckles, an optimist forever curious about your story.

Throughout my career, my curiosity led me to travel to various corners of this world and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. It is this multi-faceted interest in people, their stories and cultures that led me to study and practice coaching. My genuine interest extents to understanding the unique challenges and strategies of every generation, including my own story embedded within, and the role of this fast-paced and hassle-driven world we live in today.

Specialising in Person-Centered and Trauma-Informed Coaching, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Beliefs, Values and Job Mentoring.

C.R., Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Denise created more insight for me and made it easier for me to make decisions (issues on work). I have quite a low self-esteem but felt more confident because of her. I would recommend her as she is very professional and can help people with their issues.

S.K., Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Denise is very knowledgeable, exudes kindness and empathy all while maintaining a professional environment. A happy demeanor and warm smile to start the sessions.

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