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"Why is it so difficult to find a coach who makes me feel understood?"


Recently, during a dinner gathering, I had an interesting conversation with a group of people, and I discovered that all of them have had experiences with therapists or coaches. One common theme that emerged from our discussion was the difficulty in finding someone who can genuinely make them feel understood.

While there's no quick answer to the question above, I can personally relate to the struggle. In today's fast-paced world, it's not always easy to find individuals who are willing to listen and stay with us. When it comes to coaching, here are some key factors to consider:


  1. Seek out personalized coaching rather than one-size-fits-all programs.

  2. Review a coach's information, such as their website, blogs, and LinkedIn, to see if it resonates with you.

  3. Check their professional qualifications.

And in the end, just give it a try:
Schedule a get-to-know call and see if you connect with this person! – Are they actively listening and asking questions? Do you feel comfortable talking to this person? …

Let me highlight here my qualities as a coach:

  • My exceptional listening skills creating a space where you feel heard and valued, emphasizing a deep understanding of your needs

  • My innate curiosity about people and their stories

  • My analytical skills while at the same time being intuitive, offering you a comprehensive approach to problem-solving

  • My ability to connect the dots while keeping the big picture in sight, which helps you to make informed and strategic decisions

  • My understanding for other cultures and my global perspective gained from living in various countries, bringing you a diverse and inclusive outlook on various matters

  • My entrepreneurial mind, always seeking to evolve, to be innovative and creative, while not reinventing the wheel

  • My commitment to ethics and professionalism, which includes my ongoing training and regular supervision

If you want to look for more tips, my trainer Noa Brume at the The International Coaching & Counselling Institute (ICCI) has a podcast episode titled 'How to Find the Right Coach for Yourself.'  Check it out here.

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